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  • Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
    The Rov is to be commended for doing this drive in the memory of his closest friends choshuve father
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
    better on a bike then in the RV
  • Anonymous Sponsor $50
    ביצים של רשכבה״ג May we never have to go through what those 2 will go through on the bike.
  • David Gruman $100
  • Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
    In honor R Bernie aka "Kirhauser Rav Shlita " who put the interests of his own Kirhauser BM aside" to ensure the success of the choshuver BM "KHAL BNEI TORAH"
  • Moishe Tress $100
    Rather focus on making ptcha then trying to bike! Good luck! Moishe Tress
  • Baruch Hoffmann $18
  • Reuven Alter $72
  • Joshua Teitelbaum $250.00
    Wow Berish! You always surprise us! Keep up with all of your great work. You make us proud. Mommy and Daddy
  • Marc Rieder $50
    Zaidy lufs you! You shud be gezint mit nahas
  • Michael Weiser $100.00
  • Shimon Sternhell $100.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
    Take care of dem jewels or you'll be catching forever in the IRA-V!
  • Yechiel Katzman $18
    thank you for moving the trees you are a tzaddik
  • Joe Tress $100.00
    Lkuvid The rebbe reb beirish kirhauser rav shlita
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
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I am accepting a challenge - The SCHI Challenge!

The SCHI Challenge challenges riders to ride 120 miles in one day from the SCHI school in Lakewood, NJ to Camp SCHI in the Pocono Mountains. Although, this is a difficult challenge, I am willing to accept it - to help those who face a challenge every day on the year - the Camp SCHI campers.

The SCHI Challenge will raise funds for Camp SCHI's new state-of-the-art gym. Camp SCHI's gym will include numerous therapy devices and equipment needed for the special needs campers to continue their year-round therapy in camp.

My personal fundrasing goal is to raise $1,800.

Please join me in my challenge by sponsoring my ride. To participate, please donate here or mail donations made out to Camp SCHI with my name in the memo.

Thank you in advance,

Bernie Weiser

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