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Michael Lock

Help! The Schinosaurus Rex will only let go of my face when I reach my fundraising goal.

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    More like a Mike Lock Schnorrer-tsaurus = a Mchael Locked up Schnorrer mit Tzarus
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    Wishing you miles and miles of smiles, Coach!
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    Go Coach!!!
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I have recently begun to be devoured by the infamous Schinosaurus Rex. I don't want to be eaten by a dinosaur--not until the ripe old age of 120 years old, at least. There are still so many splendid bikes to ride and beautiful places to ride them and delightful people to ride them with. To be devoured young would be to miss out on so much of the good stuff that a life can offer.
But the Schinosaurus Rex will only let me go when I reach my $5000 fundraising goal. Until then, he is holding me hostage by holding my head between his fearsome ivory jaws. I am powerless to escape. I need your help. Please make a generous donation to the cause of Michael Lock, which is also the cause of Camp Schi.
Camp Schi is a camp for children with hidden intelligence and their families. It is a place of respite for children and their parents, where the difficulties and complications of what is, for them, every day life can be replaced by a few weeks of streamlined relaxation in a summer camp vacation atmosphere.
My cause and the Schi cause is also the cause of the Schinosaurus Rex, because he happens to be fatally allergic to Michael Locks. But I guess I look so tasty that he just can't help himself. So help him help himself! Save The Last Dinosaur (and the only ever Schinosaur) from extinction: Donate! (Pretty please with a tricera-on-top!)

And of possible interest to fellow participants of the Schi Challenge bike ride: The sooner I become free the sooner I can get back to riding my bike and setting up weekly group rides and awesome events for everyone. So you'll be helping your own cause, too!

Thanks for reading and whether it applies to you in a literal or figurative sense: Enjoy the ride! And stay away from large lizards with long sharp pointy teeth and short stubby arms.