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Hi. My name is Shabsi Broyde, and I am a proud brother of a special needs child. But this pride doesn't come without challenges, challenges that most kids I know do not experience growing up.

I see firsthand the challenges my sister, Ruchama, has. They are unique and hard. But it is not only she who has the challenges. My siblings and I have been included. Ruchama never feels full and satisfied after she eats and is always on the lookout for a way to get more food. My siblings and I grew up learning to hide our nosh from her and never ever put it in our school bags the night before. It was for sure not going to be there in the morning! Ruchama hates transition and can be very rigid when there is a sudden change of plans. Family trips could be delayed or ruined by her stubbornness. She also repeats herself and asks the same questions over and over. This can absolutely drive you nuts! When we were little, my parents were constantly taking her to many doctors' appointments in New York, Boston, Pittsburg and Philadelphia leaving us in the care of many babysitters. We weren't neglected but let's just say we didn't have their full attention either. Well, you get the picture.

Growing up with my sister and helping her to pull through her challenges has certainly taught me lessons for life. But my family and I couldn't do it without the support of the loving staff of SCHI, Ruchama's school. Each and every day social workers, teachers, and therapists teach her the basic skills she needs to overcome her challenges.

So today I'd like to give back to SCHI and put myself up for another challenge. It's the "SCHI Challenge", a 120 mile one day bike ride from the SCHI school in Lakewood, NJ to Camp SCHI in Milford, PA on July 14. We want to raise enough money so Ruchama and her friends can have a new state of the art gym.

So please help me complete my challenge by donating toward my pledge. Please go to http://www.theschichallenge.org/sbroyde. If it is easier for you to write a check, please make check payable to SCHI and mail to 128 East 9th Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701.


Yours, Team Broyde